Orthopedic problems

operaciones mascotas

Are you waiting for your dog to be operated on? Have you been run over, have you been injured or do you simply have a pathology associated with your race? Are you worried about how it will look after the operation or if you feel pain? Are you wondering if there is an alternative to surgery? Do you want to prevent a relapse?

Preparing your pet for surgery can be decisive both for its success and for its subsequent functional recovery, adapting its body to the temporary lack of activity to which it may be subjected. Likewise, once the surgery is over, physiotherapy will help your pet to recover the muscles, joint mobility, function, minimizing the risk of recurrence and avoiding damage to adjacent structures due to disuse or compensatory movements. Pain can also be minimized through the use of physical agents without the need to resort to analgesics as the only method of treatment, avoiding as far as possible their prolonged use and the consequent effects on your body.

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